About us

ISME – (stands for Ideas for Space Mining Engineering) is a group of students, academic professors and scientists enthusiastic about space exploration, with particular interest in space industry, and all of it’s aspects connected to mining. This team was firstly formed around mid 2016. Our main task is to prepare and conduct Cracow Space Mining Conferences, organized by AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. As the first conference, Student’s Conference of Space Mining, was a significant success and a highly noted event, we have decided to organize a second edition, with more resources and experience acquired during the first meeting.

In the beginning, the group was formed solely around this purpose, and consisted of only seven people. Since then, ISME has grown much larger – right now, it counts about thirty people, all coming from different science clubs of AGH University of Science and Technology (for example AGH Space Systems and Cosmodrill, to name but a few). However, most of the members belong to the founding club – AGH KMNG (from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, where most of the participating clubs come from). Members from outside of the Academy also take part in our activities and meetings, and ISME cooperates with other universities of Cracow.

One could think that as a group originating from mostly technologically-oriented university, we would only put our focus to technological or mechanical aspects of space exploration and industry. Nevertheless, we also want to consider economical, legal and ethical dilemmas connected to off-world exploitation of resources.

We look forward to challenges that future of space industry presents, and hope to be pioneers of this emerging branch of business, and shaping it’s future.

Science Clubs associated with ISME