Conference sections

The Engineering Section

The purpose of Engineering Section is to propose and discuss different technological solutions to the challenges that space mining presents, from the means of transportation of resources, people and machinery, to the mining equipment and methods of extraction and possible processing of obtained materials. It will also give a chance of reviewing current technology of space transportation and exploration, and analyze possible adjustments, that allow easier or more efficient surveying potential mining sites, and, eventually, creating the facilities necessary for effective production.

The Geological Section

This section is based on the mining and geological aspects of extracting  materials from objects in outer space (planets, asteroids, etc.), as well as analysis of potential sites of extraction, identification of minerals and estimation of possible profits from resource exploitation. This subject is also related to the requirements for the construction of mining installations and the methods of processing the acquired materials in space.

The Economical Section

Economical Section is dedicated to delve into problems of economic aspects of usage of space mining, property and legal dilemmas, and international laws and regulations regarding acquiring and exploitation of resources outside of Earth, and impact that such actions would make on global economy.