Conference sections

As in previous years, the Conference will be divided into three thematic sections: Mining and Planetology, Mechatronic Engineering, and Law and Economics. They will take place on the same day, in separate time periods – so that each participant can take part in all lectures. The purpose of such action is to provide thematic diversity of the event and to allow speakers from a wide spectrum of fields and specializations.

Mechatronic Engineering

The purpose of the section is to take up the technological, construction and material challenges posed by space mining to the devices used for space transport and exploration.


This section is based on mining and geological aspects of resource acquisition from objects located in space (planets, planetoids, asteroids etc.), and analysis of potential mining sites, identification of minerals and evaluation of possible profits from exploitation. It is also related to the requirements for the construction of extraterrestrial mining installations and the methods of processing the acquired materials.

Human, Law and Economy

The Law and Economics Section is devoted to the analysis of economic problems related to space mining, property and legal dilemmas as well as international regulations regarding the acquisition and exploitation of resources outside Earth, while also discussing impact that such actions could have on the global economy.