III Space Mining Conference

About Event

he purpose of the event is to provide participants with a forum for discussion, knowledge acquisition and sharing, as well as giving feedback on the issues discussed – this will enable the popularization of space mining subjects and provide direction to further development of this field. We believe that the issues of extraterrestrial mining deserve much more attention than it is currently given. While the Earth’s resources are limited, many celestial bodies offer considerable quantities, ready for extraction and processing.

This, of course, involves significant costs. Nevertheless, appropriate activities in this field, combined with the intensification of research and the development of specialized methods of obtaining materials from extraterrestrial sources will make projects based on space mining an economically viable alternative.

Conference Sections

As in previous years, the Conference will be divided into three thematic sections: Planetology, Mechatronic Engineering, and Law and Economics. They will take place on the same day, in separate time periods – so that each participant can take part in all lectures. The purpose of such action is to provide thematic diversity of the event and to allow speakers from a wide spectrum of fields and specializations.

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Mechatronic Engineering

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Human, Law and Economy