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Space Technology Centre (CTK) is a unit of AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH) established to teach and conduct research in the broadly defined space field. The aim of the Space Technology Centre is to coordinate the research conducted at AGH University of Science and Technology and to conduct its own research in the area of space technologies. The main mission of the Centre is to launch satellites and conduct Earth observation missions. Plans include launching a Polish scientific satellite into LEO orbit.


Inprogress www.inprogress.pl, Poland’s leading training company is the main supplier of accredited trainings in managing projects, programs, and wallets. Each year the company is ranked in leading positions in the rankings of providers of training services according to Computerworld. The company also provides consulting services and implements best practices in project management.

At Inprogress you can find the following trainings:

  • Project, Program and Portfolio Management (PRINCE2®, AgilePM®, M_o_R®, Facilitation)
  • Agile & Scrum (Management 3.0, SCRUMstudy / SBOK Guide, AgileBA®)
  • Project Management Institute (m.in. PMI® Authorized PMP® Exam Prep Course)
  • IT Services (ITIL® 4, DevOps)
  • Organization Architecture (M_o_R®, MoV®, COBIT® 5)
  • Management trainings
  • Soft skills
  • Software engineering (IREB CPRE, UML, ISTQB®)
  • Design Thinking – DTMethod® 
  • IT tools

Inprogress Design Lab – the part of Inprogress responsible for product development and research projects – created DTMethod® – the Design Thinking methodology which points out specific tools and sets rules thanks to which product and service development is easy and efficient! DTMethod methodology was appreciated by APMG International, the most renowned global accreditation and examination institute. Since March 2022 DTMethod is in the APMG examination and certification portfolio and Inprogress’ training offer.

Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

The Ministry of Development and Technology is an office of government administration providing services to the Minister of Development and Technology. Their areas of activity include the economy, labor, construction, planning and zoning, and housing, as well as tourism.

AGH University of Science and Technology

The AGH University of Science and Technology is a modern nationwide public university, developing partnerships with universities in Europe and around the world. The AGH University of Science and Technology is a technical university where sciences have a very strong representation and provide the basis for the development of a maximum spectrum of applied sciences and a gradually increasing role of the humanities. In accordance with the global trends of development we create new fields of study, but we retain the classical ones, necessary for the proper development of science, technology and the economy of our country.

Polish Space Agency (POLSA)

The Polish Space Agency POLSA was established by an act of 26 September 2014. Its task is to support the Polish space industry and scientific community by bringing together the world of business and science. Polish Space Agency cooperates with international agencies and state administration, in the field of exploration and use of space.

Faculty od Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics is one of the oldest and largest at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. They can boast of achievements which give them the position of one of the best mechatronic faculties in Poland and in the world. So far they have educated thousands of graduates who hold high positions in industry, higher education and state administration in many countries on all continents.

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management (until 2021 the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering, and previously until 2002 the Faculty of Mining) is the oldest and was the only faculty of the Mining Academy founded in 1919 and opened by Marshal Józef Piłsudski. Until the 1950s, the history of the department is the history of the university.

Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas

The Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas is unique in Poland because of the courses it offers. The Faculty currently offers Geoengineering and Oil and Gas Engineering within the discipline of Environmental Engineering, Mining and Power Engineering. In addition, the Faculty offers a wide range of postgraduate studies, with topics tailored to the current needs of industry and economy, which have been very popular for many years.

Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environment Protection

Currently it is the most humanistic among the technical faculties of the prestigious AGH University of Science and Technology. As the only one in Poland, the Faculty educates on the one hand engineers in the field of geology and applied geophysics, and on the other hand, it offers subjects typical for a classical university. Since the academic year 1992/93 it functions as the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection.


Space Research Centre as an interdisciplinary scientific institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences established in 1976 conducts scientific and technical work based on space experiments in the field of space physics and physical and geodynamic studies of planets and Earth.


PIAP was established in 1965 as a state institute whose primary task was to develop and implement new technologies, automation systems, production equipment and specialized control and measurement apparatus in various branches of industry.


The Center’s goal is to create a forum for meetings, exchange of ideas, and development of discourse concerning space law issues, as well as to organize scientific research and popularization of this field. The leading unit of the Manfred Lachs Polish Space Law Center is the Institute of International Law of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Warsaw University.


Analog Astronaut Training Center is a private company that accelerates scientific research on spaceflight. AATC was created by former European Space Agency specialists: an engineer and a scientist. In 2018, the company established a laboratory to simulate the space environment for scientific experiments focused on space biology and medicine. The facility is located in Rzepiennik in southern Poland.

Fundacja dla AGH

The Foundation was registered in May 2007 on the initiative of Jerzy Kicki, PhD, with tremendous support at every stage of its organization by the Founder of the Foundation, Rector of the AGH University of Science and Technology, Prof. Antoni Tajduś, PhD. A number of people have contributed to its creation, providing many valuable comments to the original statute prepared in June 2006.

Polish Astrobiological Society

The Polish Astrobiological Society has been uniting Polish scientists in the field of astrobiology since 2009. Its goal is to undertake activities leading to the development of astrobiology and related sciences. The members carry out scientific activities, publish scientific journals, books, publications in the field of astrobiology, as well as cooperate with related societies at home and abroad.


The aim of the portal is to popularize knowledge in the field of astronautics, space industry and use and exploration of space. The website cooperates with many organizations which deal with space research, building equipment for manned and unmanned missions.


“We teach in the form of fun. We make acquiring knowledge a pleasant and exciting experience. We believe that there is no such a field of knowledge, which could not be presented in a creative, interesting and understandable way. We transfer knowledge in such a way as to combine it with already possessed information and skills. Thanks to that each of the Young Astronauts (participants of the classes) assimilates new information more easily. This is because new knowledge, presented in a familiar context, does not become a “desert island at the end of the world”. We can say that “we attach islands of information to continents of knowledge, making them peninsulas”.

Nauka. To lubię

The portal Nauka.To lubi (Science.I like it) is run by Tomasz Rożek – physicist, journalist and popularizer of science. As he says, he likes science and that is why he has set up social media, a website and a YouTube channel, where he publishes interesting videos on various scientific issues – from space to medicine, technology or the Earth and the environment. Tomasz Rozek is also the author of many books that also touch on the aforementioned topics.

“He reveals the mysteries that researchers have been puzzling over for a long time, but also presents the latest discoveries of scientists. He describes even the most complicated issues and processes in a witty and accessible way, and thanks to numerous examples from everyday life his texts stimulate imagination and encourage to deepen knowledge.”


Space24 is a web portal publishing topics in space policy, industry, security, satellites, space vehicles, as well as those related to science and education. 

Science Technology Politics

We deal with issues of science, technology and politics and their mutual relations in global, regional and national dimensions. We bring to our readers complex issues of science and technology development and their impact on the socio-political processes of the modern world. We present the most interesting scientific and technological topics as well as their current and future implications for our lives.

Inżynieria Górnicza

The need to optimize and reduce costs in the mining industry, increasing efficiency and productivity are the most current challenges of the industry. The magazine presents the most interesting technical and technological solutions implemented in mining plants in Poland and in the world, as well as machinery and technology solutions for mining in terms of selection, implementation, operation, safety and repair.


Scientific web portal on astronomy, especially dedicated to space research, astronautics and astronomical phenomena, including publishing results of scientific research on the Solar System.


Astronomia is the only monthly magazine for Polish astronomy enthusiasts.  It publishes beautiful photographs of the universe taken by amateurs, showing how high a level can be reached without having a Hubble telescope or a 5 m mirror and what interesting things are happening in the sky and among the community of astronomy enthusiasts, advice on equipment and observation, tests, maps and ephemeris, descriptions of the sky and individual objects visible in it.

Almukantarat Astronomy Club

The Almunkantarat Astronomy Club is first and foremost a community of people committed to popularizing astronomy. The association, which has been active for over 30 years, gives young science enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire knowledge, exchange ideas and realize themselves.


“Urania – Postępy Astronomii” is a bimonthly journal devoted to the dissemination of astronomical knowledge. The periodical was created in 1998 from a merger of “Urania”, so far a monthly of the Polish Astronomical Society, published since 1922, and “Postępy Astronomii”, so far a quarterly of the Polish Astronomical Society, published since 1953.

Click Meeting

ClickMeeting is a browser-based webinar and video conferencing platform that works on all devices regardless of operating system. In addition to the browser version, a mobile application is available for Android and iOS.