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Our Manifesto!

Although space mining would seem to be a science area that remains out of our reach for many years, it is up to us to assume when its objectives become achievable. Many companies and institutions dealing with conventional mining and geological mining are interested in this subject, starting with preparations for the first projects related to the exploitation of non-earth deposits. Moreover, space as an unindustrially developed area is a very interesting area of activity. Competition between space stakeholders starts now, even on Earth, through research and construction projects, preparing for the launch of such projects. They will be a driving force for the development of many branches of science, especially material and mechatronical engineering. This will certainly lead to many interesting innovations that are beneficial in areas not necessarily related to space mining. Companies and institutions that are currently engaged in conventional mining have the competence, capacity and resources to enable such development, certainly many countries, international organizations and private investors will be interested in scientific, technical or material support. Of course, this task is a huge challenge: Extreme space conditions make it necessary to develop reliable systems, create proper procedures and prepare specialists who are prepared to work in extremely hostile environments.

Space mining is a future, but it is up to us when we make it available. It is the ISME mission, to promote and develop issues related to this topic, and to provide a space for discussion. This will allow this area to be promoted and to be further developed.